so im working on a node application and I want to run the frontend and the backend together. I did a search for

“How to run the backend and frontend in a node application”.

I installed concurrently as a package along with nodemon which is also a package from npm.

nodemon is a tool that allows you to automatically restart the node app when files change.

Concurrently is a package which can run multiple npm scripts at the same time.

check out this link for more details -

There are many ways to connect to a database with PHP. im going to show you a very simple one. Im going to be connecting to the my SQL database. My SQL is an open-source relational database.

I have a database called CMS in PHP myadmin.

And I have a table called categories.

First I create a file called db.php and add the mysqli_connect() which open a new connection to mysql server.

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